Cookie Lyon Fashion On Empire
21 апреля 07:08
Loretha Lyon
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Cookie Fashion

Cookie's fashion on the Empire TV show continues to impress! Cookie looks great in fur no matter if its hot or cold.  The show's last episode made me visit this site to add clothes to my wardrobe.  Cookie is played by actress Taraji P. Henson.  The two have some characteristics in common.  Both are always well dressed and never scared to speak their mind.


Taraji P. Henson and Cookie Lyon both love their sons more than anything else in the world.  One lesson we can learn from Cookie is to be more confident.  I would never attempt to wear the outfit she has on in the image above but she makes it look amazing.

Another characteristic both Cookie and Taraji share is that they both love shopping.  As a result, both are always up-to-date, enabling them to be trendsetters.  When you take pride in the way you look good things happen in your life.  

For Taraji this includes landing roles like the one she landed as Cookie Lyon.  For Cookie this means achieving her goals and leading two record labels to success.  If Cookie and Taraji didn’t take pride in the way they look, no one would pay either any attention.  When you look good, you don’t have to say much.

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